We love what we do.

We don't get incredible stories of customer satisfaction without dedication and commitment to our work every single day. We push our values and inspire each other to excel in everything we provide. Every call, every repair, and every install is held to the highest standard. We're a team of skilled, certified professionals. You can rest assured you are being well taken care of.

Without our customers, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. When you're happy - we're happy!


Our Company's founder and leader, Tammy works hard to keep everything running smoothly and safely. In her time off, she enjoys playing guitar and has a deep passion for music. A true artist at heart...both in an out of the workplace.


Our Call Center Leader and Scheduler, Amanda ensures Customers are helped and the technicians are scheduled quickly. Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and has many crafts where she often shares her creative talents.

Rob H

As an experienced technician, Rob can diagnose problems quickly and accurately. Rob enjoys playing bass guitar, hunting, and hanging out with his family. He also enjoys visting with his favorite customers during service visits.

Rob C

Our newest team member, Rob has a passion for helping people and solving problems. Rob enjoys fishing and actively participates in many professional tournaments around the Midwest. You may have even seen him on TV.


Our Company's other founder, John leads the operations at Blue Stream. When not in the office, he enjoys motorcycling, camping, and hanging out with friends. John's passion for delivering great service is second to none.

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